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wiley-cpaexcel-reviewThe Wiley CPA Test Bank in CPAExcel is one of the best CPA review courses that you can get. They have bite-sized learning and a very simply software interface. Also, I love their test bank. Although most of the study prep companies have their own question bank, I’ve found that the Wiley CPAexcel testbank is the easiest use and the probably the most helpful.

Having a great set of multiple-choice questions is crucial to your exam success because over half of your score is going to come from the MC questions. In order to do well on the MC question testlets, you need to do more than just understand the concepts behind the questions. You need to understand how to they ask questions, how they phrase answers, and what they are actually looking for. The only way you are going to be able to do all three of those things is by practicing as many MC questions as possible.

I found that practicing multiple-choice questions was the easiest and fastest way to understand concepts when I was studying for the CPA exam and I always tell people the same thing. Practice, practice, practice. If you do nothing else, just practice MCQs.

OK. The lecture is over now. Let’s look at what is included.

Free Trial

Before we get into everything else, you have to know that there’s a free trial offer that you can test drive and see if you like it before you buy it or Wiley CPA review. Check it out!

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4,500+ Past CPA Exam Questions with Answers

Wiley CPA Test Bank Online
The two biggest things that I look for in a question bank is the number of questions and how detailed the answers are. Some review companies don’t offer that many questions and you tend to keep seeing the same question multiple time. Thus, you end up memorizing answers rather than understanding concepts.

The Wiley CPA testbank has over 4,500 past CPA exam questions from FAR, BEC, AUD, and REG. That’s way more than you need. You won’t be seeing the same ones show up over and over. Here’s the break down for each section:

Section MCQs TBSs
AUD 1,128 38
BEC 723 17
FAR 1,525 68
REG 1,205 39
Complete 4,581 162

I also look at the detail of the explanations for each question. I found that it’s much faster to read the answers to the questions than to read the study text. Thus, the explanations should be detailed enough to explain the concept, but not too detailed to bog you down. The wiley testbank has a perfect mix.

160+ Task-based Simulations

As you know, the last section of each exam consists of a series of simulations. There’s no real way to practice these except in the testing environment because there are several different formats from matching to fill in the blank. You don’t want to get confused on exam day just because of the format. Going through these sims will more than prepare you.

Exam Interface Test Simulator

It’s important that your testbank looks exactly like the real thing, so you won’t be caught off guard when you sit down at Prometric. The Wiley version looks exactly like the real thing. If you practice on this, you will feel right at home on exam day.


Some test banks don’t have any real way to tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Thus, you have no real way of knowing what areas you need to work harder on and what ones you don’t need to study as much. This testbank has a great set of analytics to show you what topics you are strongest on and what ones you need to take another look at.

Stand Alone Test Bank Product!

Now, obviously if you purchase a Wiley CPAexcel review course, you will get a copy of the test bank. But, you don’t have to purchase the entire course to use it. Yup, that’s right! You can get the stand-alone copy as a supplement to any other course.

So if you purchased Roger or Yaeger, you can pick up the CPAexcel testbank without purchasing the entire course. It’s a great add-on to your study materials. You can also get a coupon discount code for this course!

Here’s What I Think

I think multiple-choice questions are the most important tool to prepare yourself for the CPA exam. Like I said before, if you do nothing else to prepare, make sure you practice MCQs. It’s that important. I firmly believe the doing well on the MCQs will decide whether you will pass or fail because you can’t count on the simulations. They can be unpredictable. The MCQs, on the other hand, are very predictable.

I would recommend that everyone get this testbank even if you have another review course. There will be different questions in here that aren’t in your other course and it’s always better to have new questions you’ve never seen before. Check it out for yourself. I’d highly recommend it if you want to pass your first time.

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Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Course
Written by: Noir CPA
5 / 5 stars