UPDATED: Woman Behind PwC Farewell Email Speaks Out

**This post has been updated to include Part 2 of our exclusive interview.

By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the infamous email a PwC employee sent to her team as she bid adieu to the world of public accounting. The email made its rounds pretty quickly through Outlook inboxes across the country, even venturing outside the accounting profession bubble. While the email didn’t make its way to my inbox, I first caught wind of it when Going Concern covered it last week. After reading the email I felt a range of emotions, which I will speak on later, but when it was all said and done, I wanted to allow the person responsible to have a voice as well as pick her brain a bit.

Glory graciously agreed to a Q&A so that we could get answers to questions I think a lot of people had after reading her email. I also hope this can be turned into a learning opportunity…possibly using this as a catalyst to have frank discussions about public accounting and the use of diversity initiatives, another topic I asked Glory about.

Q&A With Glory – Part 1:

“I was just living my truth at that moment. I pressed send and I felt so free.”

Find out answers to the following questions and more in Part 2:

  • It’s not uncommon to leave a job and go out with a bang, however most people do it on their last day. Was there any strategy involved with sending the email before your last day? Did you go back to the office after sending the email?
  • What is your response to people that say your email was immature and unprofessional?
  • A quick Google search can reveal many things about a person. As you move forward in your career, how do you plan on explaining this email to future employers should this come up?

Listen to Part 2

Can you relate to how she felt? After listening, do you have a different view of her in comparison to after you read her email? If you could ask Glory one question what would it be?

**I shouldn’t have to say this, but unfortunately I do…please remain respectful. There is NO tolerance for vitriol within this forum.**

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