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roger-cpa-reviewRoger CPA Review is one of the best CPA exam study courses out there today because of one simply fact: it has Roger Phillips. I know this sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. Roger brings his personality and unique teaching style to every lesson and video lecture. He makes it really difficult to not pay attention and stay engaged during your study process.

If you are anything like me, this is kind of a big deal. I tend to wonder and trail off in my head when I’m listening to lectures or sitting in a classroom. Roger CPA doesn’t let you do that. It grabs you and sucks you in. 🙂 Well, it doesn’t go that far, but it does help keep you entertained and hold your attention when learning about boring topics.

The Roger review course itself is a complete modern study guide equipped with video lectures, multiple choice question test banks, and more. I will be writing a full review about these study materials shortly, but in the meantime watch one of Roger’s video lectures. I’m sure you’ll figure out why he’s so great!


You can also check out all of the Roger courses and options for yourself. They offer a free trial that you can sign up for and test drive to see if you will like it.

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Roger CPA Review for Academic Credit Program

Roger CPA Review has recently introduced a new program that allows CPA candidates to earn college credit while studying for the CPA exam. The Roger CPA Review for Academic Credit Program is a collaboration between the popular CPA review company and California State University, Chico. The course is online-based so students in any location can enroll and it’s a cost-effective way to kill two birds with one stone. This is also a great option for candidates who need extra credits towards the 150-hour requirement.

Earn credit towards graduation while studying for the CPA exam

“Our primary concern is accounting student success in the profession, and that includes passing the CPA Exam” said Tim Kizirian, Chico Accounting Professor and Department Chair. “Pass rates for Roger students are very high, the instruction is dynamic, and the material is straightforward. After years of positive results, partnering with Roger CA Review on this project was simply the best choice for our department.”


Students may earn up to six AACSB credits for taking the course. Enrollment is open year round and may be applicable to any major, minor, certificate or credential.  Students can take the course at their own pace, consulting with faculty to select the appropriate study schedule to fit their specific needs. This may include a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month schedule offered with Roger CPA Review Study Planners.

The course includes the Roger CPA Review textbooks, software to practice task-based simulations and multiple choice questions, access to 24/7 Homework Help Center, Study Planners, and leadership from CSU Chico faculty.

Roger CPA Review Course
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