Prometric and CPA Exam Scheduling

Updated:December 9, 2018
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When scheduling an exam, a student will consult Prometric to check for seat availability at the location nearest to them. Once availability has been established, the student can schedule a test after their prerequisites have been verified. It is important to note that the Notice of Schedule or NTS must be presented at the test center or you will not be admitted. It is equally important that the information on your ID matches the name used to schedule the test.

What is Prometric?

Prometric is a provider of licensing and certification exams, they are available internationally and have thousands of centers spread out globally. They are the sole source used to administer the Uniform CPA exam. They utilize computer-based testing and they are responsible for security and insuring the test accurately tests an individual’s knowledge of the chosen subject.

How do you schedule your exam with Prometric?

To schedule an exam with Prometric, first the test-taker must send their information to their respective state boards to verify they have met all prerequisites. Once it has been verified, they will receive the NTS. With the NTS, they will visit the Prometric website to call their number to make an appointment. Online there is a button called “Schedule my Exam” and you will be required to enter your country and the state you want to take your test. From then on, they give you a few instructions and warnings about rescheduling, what must be presented at the testing center and other general information. Next you will have to agree to the Term of Service. Exam section ID and the first 4 letters of your last name will need to be provided to begin scheduling.

Can you reschedule your exam?

Yes, it is possible to reschedule an exam. If it is rescheduled in 24 hours or less to the original date, no refund will be given. On the Prometric website, there is a button called “Reschedule/Cancel My Test”. When that is clicked, it will prompt you to enter your confirmation number and the last four letters of your last name.

What day is best to schedule your exam?

There isn’t one; however, the test seats are given on a first come, first served basis. So if an individual were to schedule their test as soon as they received their NTS, the likelihood that they would be able to find a seat in their preferred location at the preferred time is higher.

What to bring the Prometric on exam day?

On exam day, a test-taker must bring some form of a government-issued ID that includes both picture and a signature and their NTS. No communication is permitted during the test. Metal detector checks and checking of pants pockets, ankles, and shirt sleeves are conducted each time a tester leaves the test room. It is recommended to arrive early to the center, to account for parking, registration, and use of the bathroom before testing.


Prometric is the avenue all students must use to schedule a Uniform CPA Exam. Scheduling or rescheduling can be initiated through the online portal with a confirmation number, exam section ID, and the individual’s last name. Security is a top priority and if the specified items are presented at the time of testing, the applicant will not be admitted into the testing center.

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