Noir CPA Is Here!

If you’re reading this, that means this blog has officially gone live. Finally! After 2 months of being in mad-scientist mode I can finally share my eBaby with you, Noir CPA. So I welcome you, and appreciate your visit.

This isn’t my first experience with blogging. I previously was the writer behind 3 Letters, 1 Day at a Time, a blog documenting my journey to CPAdom. Towards the end of the process I lost my mojo to blog and solely focused on passing the exam. I must admit I left my readers hanging in the midst of studying for BEC. I was lucky enough to pass all 4 parts on my first attempt and hoped to get back to blogging to update everyone. That never happened. I think I was just over all things CPA related and needed a break.

A couple of months ago the itch resurfaced to blog again, however, I had no clue what to write about. My blog was out in the interwebs just collecting eDust and I felt bad about it, but the desire to continue with 3 Letters was non-existent. What to do? Hmmmm…

One fateful morning while at work a tweet caught my eye. It was a link for a story on Nathan T. Garrett, Esquire, CPA, the first black CPA to open a practice in North Carolina. ‘Other suggested reading’ revealed something even more captivating. “The Vanishing Black CPA.” I most certainly clicked on the link which took me to an episode of Black Issues Forum on UNC-TV. The 20 minute or so video discussed the low representation of blacks in accounting and spawned the integral seed for Noir CPA. While I know that blacks make up a very small percentage of all CPAs and I’m aware of various diversity initiatives, I had to ask myself a very real question: What was I doing about it? That morning I felt an undeniable responsibility to take action. A need to pay forward my knowledge and experiences.

I eventually came across a quote which perfectly articulates what Noir CPA represents for me:

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” 

I could no longer complacently stand on the sidelines, wishing that I saw more faces like mine in the accounting field. I had to contribute in a meaningful way, even if it was on a small scale. No longer am I cursing the darkness…Noir CPA is my candle. Fast forward 2 months later and here we are. I hope you’ll spread the word that Noir CPA is on the scene to your friends, cousins, and your sister’s boyfriend’s nephew who may have an interest in accounting. I also hope that you will frequent the blog regularly and become a part of my eFam. Stay tuned…there’s plenty work ahead. In the meantime, galavant around and let me know what you think so far. – LVH