Ninja CPA Review


The Ninja CPA review course includes audios of lectures, a large multiple-choice bank for each section of the exam, a few downloadable PDF textbooks and study literature, videos courses known as the Ninja Blitz, and flashcards. Each product can be bought individually or all of the materials can be purchased at once at a discounted price. It was created by Jeff Elliott and the software used gives the user more questions and simulations based on their weaker subjects with the aim of strengthening what is lacking. It allows users to pick what material they want based on their budget, buying the whole review course isn’t required.

What’s included in the course

The audio lectures describe the concepts and formulas associated with all of the sections. It is considered helpful for absorbing material when preoccupied with work or some other obligation when time can be allocated to studying only. The multiple-choice bank recalibrates according to the concepts and questions most missed. The PDF textbooks allow for easy access across many different technologies, such as PC or iPhone and are a lot more accessible than carrying around a paper book. The flashcards keep key terms and subjects in the mind and available for quick review. The video courses allow visual learners to follow along with the course with visual aids.

The Notes module

The Notes or “Ninja Notes” are one of the most useful aspects of the Ninja Review Courses because they are concise and explain each section without unnecessary information. They are considered an efficient way to review before the actual exam and the creator, Elliott, recommended that they be review at least 5 times and written in the user’s own words for the best outcome.

The Multiple-Choice Question Module

The MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions have explanations associated with each missed or correctly answered question. The user has many different way they can customize their module to fit their needs and field of interest. The MCQ Module also includes a glossary of relevant terms. There is a bank of 6,567 CPA Exam questions all AICPA licensed. It adjusts to what the user seems to grasp and what topics need more coverage.

Audio Lectures Module

The audio portion is Jeff going over the concepts and it works best when listened to over and over until the user or listener can finish the speaker’s sentence and has a thorough understanding of the concept.


Firstly, most of the materials are offered in several different ways. Hard-copies and PDFs are available for most if not all of the materials. Secondly, they are low-cost and some of the resources are even free.


While the study review courses are useful they aren’t very specific and can’t be considered comprehensive, as in representative of the exam as a whole. Secondly, the main pages dashboard isn’t very user-friendly and is called “old-school” by some users.


As I’ve mentioned before, I love getting stuff for free.99 and I’m sure you do too! Check out this video from Jeff at where he explains some nifty review materials he wants to give to you for FREE. That’s right…zero dollars.

If you’re asking “What the heck is NINJA?”, read this post on his successful study technique as well as my thoughts on it.

Overall, I would say the NINJA review materials are really good, but they don’t take the place of a full review course. I would highly advise you to get a full length course to help you prepare for the exam. These materials are great, but they really only work as a supplement.

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Ninja CPA Review Course
Written by: Noir CPA
5 / 5 stars