CPA Day of Service 2012

Mark your calendars folks! September 21, 2012 will be this year’s official CPA Day of Service nationwide. The purpose of the day is to encourage CPAs, members of state CPA societies, and even guests to serve their communities in a positive way. People can volunteer their time individually or organize a group to help out a charitable organization of their choice.  For some state CPA societies like the Indiana CPA Society, this will be their 10th annual event. Others like the North Carolina Association of CPAs are newbies to this fabulous cause. It’s safe to say that this movement is becoming more popular around the US, but I know some state organizations are still opting to hold a day of community service on a different date. To find out when your event is and the specific deets of how you can participate, locate your applicable organization here. If you’re currently not a member of your state CPA society, now would be a great time to join.

I was pretty excited to find out about this event and the growth it has achieved across the country. I understand the importance of volunteer work and see this as the perfect opportunity to engage with my community. Not only does it benefit the recipient, but giving back is food for the soul. You can’t deny that it just makes you feel good on the inside! I also recognize this as a platform for CPAs to project themselves as leaders in the community and I think that’s extremely awesome. Now I just need to figure out what cause I’d like to donate my time to and register with the Illinois CPA Society. I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with and blog about my experience later this year.

Do you plan to participate this year or have you done so in the past? What charitable activity would you like to volunteer your time to? Drop a line and let me know!

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